About me

I am french, I have lived in Edinburgh, UK, for 4 years, and moved to Berlin, Germany, in 2019.

I can speak french and english with my clients, and am often travelling to France and to the UK.

Photo by Slava Bowman

I studied Cultural Management in Paris and obtained an MBA in 2010, at EAC Paris. I then worked in the art & cultural industry for 3 years, before I launched my own business in 2013, in communication and CRM.

My first client – that is still a client to this day- is Envouthé, a french luxury tea Box. Since then, I always try to work with clients long-term, as I find it to be the most productive and interesting way to work for me, my clients, and the partners (journalists, influencers…) we work with. This part of my work makes me happy, and always eager to discover new interesting and coherent brands to work with. You can learn more about it here.

One thing I love about my job, is the variety of tasks I get to do, and the variety of clients I get to work this.

Photo by Jason Leung

That is why I was more than happy to complete a certificate in 2018 to be a coach, and add this new skill to what I can offer. As a coach, I work on a one-on-one basis, and I meet clients to help them thrive and achieve their goals – sometimes their dreams ! As I have relocated a few times myself and changed the path of my career as well, I naturally specialise in coaching expatriates and people in professional transition. You can learn more about it here.

Get in touch : hello@amandinekirion.com