Talking about my client to influencers at an event I organized in Paris.

I provide communication strategy and work hand-in-hand with my clients to get them noticed by the right target.

Building strong relationships for you since 2013.

I work in different industries : Luxury, Wellness, Beverages & Food, Fintech, Technology. My main expertise is for the French market, but I can also coordinate your European campaign if you have Country Managers for each targeted country. I put my two strong skills at your service : creating excellent relationships, and writing.


After an in-depth analysis of your brand and your goals, I get in touch with journalists and influencers on your behalf. I recommend organizing an event for you where you can meet them and show them your product or service.


Whether you need SEO friendly blog posts in French or copywriting for your app, I am happy to put my skills at your service. I have always loved writing, and I have done it over the years for all kind of purposes. The common factor : I am dedicated to provide excellent quality for your readers & customers.

Community Management

I create a strategy for the French market that aligns with your goals, whether it’s brand awareness or sales of a specific product or service. I provide content for your social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) that matches the tone of your brand. I can also set up your channels, post the content and interact with your community. The essence of success : posting regularly, provide quality and diverse content, and interact with your community.

Launch your international brand in France

With years of expertise in the French market, in different industries, and my international background, I am the perfect fit to liaise with your international team while I implement your strategy locally.

Votre communication en toute confiance

Je travaille avec des petites entreprises, des start-up et des indépendants en France. Je garde les mêmes clients sur le long terme ce qui crée une relation de confiance et une compréhension de votre marque jusqu’au bout des doigts.