« Amandine has been in charge of press relations and customer service for Envouthé, the company I founded, since 2013. Amandine has a quiet strength. She is efficient, soft and kind. She is feminine power in all its glory! She places human values at the center of her convictions, and the strong results she obtains in PR and in CRM are a natural impact. »

Julia Roubaud, founder and CEO of Envouthé, Tea Hunter



« Working with Amandine has been a very pleasing experience. She reaches out to us, openly communicating her missions, yet is very independant at the same time. She is creative and resilient. She is fully invested in what she does and keeps working until she has reached her goals.  We work with her in complete trust. »

Maxime Fourny, Co-founder and CEO of Tribway & Tribway Consulting ( an online shop, and a web agency)

http://www.tribway.com/ & http://consulting.tribway.com/

Visuel web Ma Carte Cadeau

« Amandine is absolutely dedicated in deliverying her work. She goes further and beyond just providing a communication service. She offers unique insights and ideas and provides ongoing guidance. She helps you to ask yourself the right questions for the project and to identify your business’ competitive advantage. »

Olivier Guedj, founder and CEO of Ma Carte Cadeau (gift cards online shop)




« It was a pleasure to work with Amandine. She is very communicative and did an excellent job ».

Michal Mackiewicz, Co-founder and CEO of Berrolia (handcrafted & premium car mount for iPhones)




Design and planning of events from A to Z for journalists, blogs, professionnals and general public

Workshops, conferences and cultural events planning

Logistics and catering management

Issue of invitations


Press relations


Establishment of communication strategy

Drafting and distributing press releases and press kits to journalists

Insertion of advertising

Partnership management



Customer Relationship Management

Establishing a customer relationship management system (software Zendesk)

Creating a synergy between social networks and CRM

Developing processes and providing trainings for the team

Drafting template responses for client queries and complaints


Photo by Vaida V. Nairn

I worked in the cultural and art field for 3 years, after obtaining an MBA in cultural management.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2013 and I am currently managing press relations, partnerships, social networks, and client relationships for several clients/partners, who work with me in complete trust.

I am dedicated and creative, and I sincerely love my job. I live in Edinburgh in the UK, and often travel to France to meet and work with my clients.


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