Coaching in Edinburgh or online

I work in accordance with the ethical charter of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and was trained in Edinburgh in an accredited school.

What this means concretely for you: between respecting a methodology, and my personal approach, you benefit from a serene, gentle, joyful and creative space to flourish in complete freedom, while respecting your values and your desires. 

However, the coaching experience remains transformative, profound and is likely to challenge your beliefs and habits.

The coach's role is to listen deeply and sympathetically to you, to analyse your situation carefully and to ask hard-hitting questions that get things moving. You are the key, you are in charge of your life. We're here to support you, to unblock you, and to gently provoke you. 

My key themes

Well-being at work

Being happy to go to work, knowing that you can trust your colleagues, and in your work, having the space to step aside when necessary.

Many of these factors depend on the environment in which you find yourself. Is it one that promotes well-being?

I invite you to take a hard look at the reality of your situation, and see what's good about it, and what needs to be changed.

Aligning your professional life with your personality

Many people think they haven't found their calling because they've only had experiences that don't match their personality. Just a casting error!

Learning about yourself and your needs can help you have a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Kindness towards oneself and others

To be completely yourself is to give yourself the right to “make mistakes”.

By being gentle with yourself, you open the way to change, to creativity, to the best of yourself.

Through a variety of exercises, I encourage you to feel sincere and uncompromising kindness towards yourself, so that you can move forward while respecting yourself.

The courage to be yourself, to move forward, authenticity

To reap all the benefits of being yourself in the world, you need a dose of courage. It's the best energy you can spend!

At the heart of coaching, and as soon as you take the first step to start support, courage is there.

And one thing leading to another, your courage gives you wings and bears fruit, so that being authentic becomes obvious to you.

The balance between change and acceptance

Happiness also means living in the present and knowing how to appreciate things as they are. A perpetual quest for the best can be counterproductive.

My approach, while always listening to you, is to help you navigate this balance.

Through this search for balance, I hope to help you see more clearly the real problem that's driving you.

Creativity as a source of well-being

Creativity is also art, but not only. Other spaces of creativity may exist within you.

Everything is possible to express yourself, feel yourself vibrate, get closer to yourself. In my practice, creativity in all forms that affect you is essential.


Ask your questions or request a first coaching session directly. 

If I'm not the right person for you, I'll try to recommend someone else.

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Amandine Kirion, Coach takes us on a journey of self-discovery and questions our dreams. It’s a time bubble that allows us to focus on our needs and desires. Personally, the feminine and caring approach suits me completely.
Customer, Berlin
Amandine Kirion is very professional, attentive and above all sensitive to the feelings of the people she coaches. She knows how to build confidence from the first contact and adapt her support to quickly bring out the most hidden dreams! I am very satisfied with it and I highly recommend his program!
Anne-Sophie Thorel
Yoga teacher
A space to grow, learn to create your tailor-made life, and to be kind to yourself. Set out to discover your own qualities, something you learn nowhere else to do. Thank you very much Amandine.
Customer, Munich

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