Taxfix and Taxorama: create the content flow of an app to declare taxes

Taxfix is an application to declare your taxes easily. In Germany, the start-up has more than 24 million users.

I was part of a product team dedicated to the French market, and then to launching the application in new markets. My job as Content Designer was to simplify the user experience and make it easier for people to file their tax returns.

As we were launching a market, we did a lot of user research: discovery, usability, A/B testing, and iterations over the weeks.

As a Content Designer at Taxfix for 2 years, I also created the French style guide, and facilitated its adoption within the customer service and marketing teams. 

Working hand-in-hand with designers, software developers and tax experts allowed me to immerse myself in a complex and exciting product, with the constant aim of improving the UX and innovating. 


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