Ionos by 1&1: creating a style guide in a global context

Ionos by 1&1 offers domains, hosting and websites to individuals, large accounts and small businesses. As Europe's leading hosting company, Ionos has more than 13 million customers and hosts more than 19 million domain names.


I worked for Ionos by 1&1 as a Copywriter in their international team. I created French content for different targets, localised English content, was a consultant on a TV campaign and co-created their style guide.


One of the main challenges was the complexity of the content: precise enough for specialists, yet simple and attractive enough for newcomers. There was also the need to adapt to a local market, while retaining the brand's global identity. 

Working with translation agencies, it was crucial to create a very comprehensive style guide, so that external people could get to grips with it quickly. 

In an international environment with expanding teams, maintaining a consistent style across all markets is a challenge that can be met by thorough, well-thought-out documentation.


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